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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

About my umbrella setup and going full-frame

The two pictures below show my latest construction. No, it's not a time machine. It's a 50D on a tripod with a Bogen Super Clamp attached to it, which is also attached to another Super Clamp that's holding a golf umbrella :-)

With this construction it should be easy to take pictures during rain and snowfall. It gives you more freedom with your hands while staying dry. I originally had the idea from Dave's blog without remembering the details on how he got the umbrella attached to the monopod. Anyway, I thought it was a very original idea. When I told it to a sales person at the local camera store, he knew exactly what I needed. Turns out that this is a common setup that is used by sports photographers. Compared to internet prices, I paid way too much for the Super Clamps by buying in that store, on the other hand I wouldn't know how to do it without their advices. There were not many good chances for me to try this yet, but once I do, I will let you know how it went.

About going full frame. I finally sold the 50D. Man, it's so much harder to sell a camera body than selling a lens. I didn't think it would be like this. Fact is, camera bodies are outdated quickly whereas lenses are kind of timeless. They don't update a lens often, and even if, what you mostly pay for is the glass, and glass doesn't wear out. I'm still getting requests for the 24-70mm 2.8.

So here is the thing: I only have the 20D left and I think I will keep it. The camera was outdated years ago, which would force me to sell it for almost nothing. I won't do that. It is an excellent digital SLR, so why throwing it out of the window?
Other than that, I'm pretty much ready to do the final step going full-frame and get the 5D Mark II. The problem is: this camera is not in stock anywhere. Canon seems not to be able to produce them as fast as they sell. Pretty amazing.

I'm currently using the 20D again.


Shapemodulator said...

Stores like Besier in Limburg can help you out with the 5DmkII. :) ...

Oliver said...

Do you have yours already?

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