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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is Bigger Better?

I made everything a bit bigger. Does that make sense?

The main reason is to have larger images right here in the blog. So I also scaled the last two color images up. It was just as I feared:

When you upload an image into blogger and later on scale the thumbnail up, no matter if in the HTML code or with the mouse in the preview, blogger uses the little thumbnail it created as a base for that. Which means that the up-scaled thumbnail looks terrible.

A solution is to upload the large picture somewhere else (e.g. flickr), and use its web location (or URL) in the blogger-post HTML when specifying the thumbnail. Now you can scale it much better, since it uses this larger image, which obviously has more information in it.

My dear blogger.com team, this is way too much overhead. From what I heard, if you use Wordpress, you can actually upload images to flickr including image description, and have that automatically show up as a post in your blog.

As you can also see, I'm playing with the fonts right now. Please pardon the appearance!


room for thoughts said...

yeah, I unfortunately have to agree. Blogger stinks. Especially when it comes to integrating pictures.

Anonymous said...

Dear Oliver,

i can suggest wordpress, but i have no experience with images in that. But what i can say is: in wordpress u get some solution for nearly everything. The wordpress-guys develop their stuff further, fast and good. I use the k2-theme (getk2.com) and this theme gives you a lot of freedom to build your own website (design, structure) and include a lot of modules. I remember the problems with editing your themes in the past and i think you will never have such problems with wordpress.

Btw.: I like the size of your content, but the bold-weight of your letter isn't a good idea ;). Don't do this, the font-size of the previous post is ok. Don't mix fonts or font-sizes between such content-thinks like two posts. That has to be always the same.

Oliver said...

I think you were commenting while I was playing with the fonts. I'm trying to figure out how to do it, because now that there is so much space, the text looks easily lost and lines never end..

Oliver said...

And yeah...it seems like anybody who is serious about blogging uses Wordpress. Maybe I will make the move once I have more time to look into this. Fortunately, one can export all the content from blogger and import it anywhere else.

Konrad said...

Hi Oliver,

I admit the bigger images are nice, but overall I liked the old style better. I agree with one of the former comments that the old font size/style was better. For reading purposes it is also more convenient if the columns are thin. In the end the old version looked much more elegant and light.
Unfortunately I have no experience with wordpress...

Oliver said...

Yeah, it looks really messy now. What have I done? :-)
I'll keep looking around for good templates etc.

Oliver said...

I like how many different names showed up here recently. Thanks guys!

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