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Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Smoker

Because of his enormous popularity, here is a another picture of "the smoker".

So what's the story?
I participated on a music video production for a reggae song. This was one of those low budget Craigslist things and definitely something interesting to do. We first met for a rehearsal in a studio in New York and did an outside shooting in Chinatown very early on a Sunday morning. It was actually not that early anymore when I took the picture. Nothing was really organized and took very long. That's why I had time to interact with people who were standing around. So this man was staying there with his cigarette and apparently very excited to watch us. I liked that and started to photograph him. Then I signalized him that I want him to smoke his cigarette, what he immediately did. So that's basically how it came to the photograph on my front page.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Celebrity Gossip

How do you feel about those gossip magazines? You cannot understand how someone can be permanently interested in other people's private life? Same here.
However, yesterday I photographed some celebrities at the museum of natural history. It was the world premiere of "Night at the Museum" and also the reason why my friends and I couldn't see the space show we wanted to see. Instead we photographed Ben Stiller and his father Jerry on the red carpet.
There is one star in this movie who didn't show up at the premiere: Robin Williams. Now the mysterious part: While we were staying around there waiting for the big limousines, I noticed (and I think I was the only person who noticed him) a homeless man. I found him interesting looking with a radio around his neck. Later when I looked at these pictures again, I was quite excited to find out that he actually looks very similar to Mr. Williams. I searched the internet for a picture of Robin Williams' profile and found one. What did Robin Williams do last night? Was it him hanging around incognito?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Drive-in Christmas Story

Yes, you got the headline right. American innovation brought us the Drive-in Christmas Story.
I actually wanted to post this on time, but it seems like it's already over. Anyway, I have been there last year and took this picture.
How does it work? You get a CD (or tape) for your car stereo. All you have to do then is listen to the friendly voice which tells you the story while you watch people in costumes doing little plays. Sometimes the voice asks you to pause the tape and to go on listening after arriving at the next scene.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Anyone remembering this posting about my submission to a photo magazine?
It was in the November issue. I have a copy at home since weeks and didn't see it...how strange. Cagil just noticed it. You can find it on page 101. The section is called "Weltenbummler" (globetrotter).

I'm also in touch with a local newspaper which is designing a wall calendar for 2007 right now. The calendar will show pictures of the Princeton area. Occasionally I shoot in my local neighborhood and had some pictures I remembered being very happy about, so I just send four of them as down sampled previews. The Calendar people liked them and requested the original files yesterday mentioning that they might take one or two. The only thing I know is that it goes into print tomorrow. I'm curious which pictures will make it...

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Next Passion Tuesday

I just received the flyer for next week's Passion Tuesday. Surprise surprise...it's one of my pictures on it.
CMYK is organizing this monthly event. Models and Photographers are welcome to join an open shooting which usually takes place in the lower level of the club.

Here is a statement by CMYK:

“Our aim is to provide an alternative outlet for young people who are looking for a sexy and unique atmosphere to express their passion, whether it be fashion, music, art or film.” Passion Tuesdays is a monthly Tuesday night party, where the dress code is sexy and passionate. Film makers and photographers submit their work to be exhibited during the event, while DJs provide an eclectic soundtrack for our guests."

Friday, December 1, 2006

Pimp up my Ride

Last Tuesday was the second time I went to a shooting at Katra's Passion Tuesday. This time it was for the RIX magazine. I actually haven't heard about this precious magazine before. But I remember being quite fascinated about the KING magazine which is mostly about rims and half naked ladies. So whenever I did some shopping in my local supermarket and passed by the magazine section, I started wondering how the male mind comes up with a relationship between car tires and women. I have some theories, but still don't get it.
However, I find shooting at Katra quite challenging with the gear I have. So this was a good chance to concentrate on the flaws I had in the previous pictures and do it better this time.