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Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Smoker

Because of his enormous popularity, here is a another picture of "the smoker".

So what's the story?
I participated on a music video production for a reggae song. This was one of those low budget Craigslist things and definitely something interesting to do. We first met for a rehearsal in a studio in New York and did an outside shooting in Chinatown very early on a Sunday morning. It was actually not that early anymore when I took the picture. Nothing was really organized and took very long. That's why I had time to interact with people who were standing around. So this man was staying there with his cigarette and apparently very excited to watch us. I liked that and started to photograph him. Then I signalized him that I want him to smoke his cigarette, what he immediately did. So that's basically how it came to the photograph on my front page.


Anonymous said...

what an interesting story to go behind the photo, it is a fabulous one as well. Thanks for the history behind the photograph.

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