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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Drive-in Christmas Story

Yes, you got the headline right. American innovation brought us the Drive-in Christmas Story.
I actually wanted to post this on time, but it seems like it's already over. Anyway, I have been there last year and took this picture.
How does it work? You get a CD (or tape) for your car stereo. All you have to do then is listen to the friendly voice which tells you the story while you watch people in costumes doing little plays. Sometimes the voice asks you to pause the tape and to go on listening after arriving at the next scene.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I remember this one :) ... and the candies! I cannot believe I missed it this year.
And having thought about it again, I now notice that there are no leading actors/actresses in this kind of play. Interesting. Nice pic btw, I liked the kid's expression.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. Free candies. I keep forgetting important things...

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