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Monday, September 27, 2010

Creative Commons

I hope you are aware that you are invited to use any of my photography for your own art projects. As long as your project is non-commercial I'm just asking you to add a link to http://fluck.de. This is a new section of my website where I introduce you to some awesome things other people did with my pictures. Let me know in case you have something to show as well - I will add your work to this page here.

Walantis Giosis from Germany developed a cool iPhone app for slide show creation. By default, the app comes with a couple of my pictures.

Seen Loh from Malaysia sings and composes songs.

The beautiful writings of Annie Q Syed. Annie is a New York based writer who wrote eight works inspired by my photographs. The series is known among her fans as Fluck Tuesdays.

Aidan Fritz is a writer from San Francisco.

Mona from Germany builds montages. She created this one named Showdown 2010.

Javi Peláez from Spain introduces music to his readers on his blog named La Aldea Irreductible.


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