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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Girl with Balloons

During my whole stay at Burning Man I had these balloons in sight where ever I was. This thing reached so high there was no way not to see them. I thought I would come across the source at some point, just didn't know it would be a girl with a bike crossing my way at 7 in the morning.


Unknown said...

Sehr kreativ und fotogen. Diese Kunstaktion bot eine Menge interessanter Motive in einer tollen Szenerie. Ich habe einen Bericht dar├╝ber im Fernsehen gesehen.
LG Josef

Oliver said...

Absolut. Wahrscheinlich die dichteste Konzentration an Kreativitaet ueberhaupt.

Patrick said...

Who said being creative is difficult?
Beautiful picture!

Alea said...


a.q.s. said...




Oliver said...

Good point, Patrick!

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