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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Giant Sequoias

These guys make you feel like midgets.


snirgel said...

daaaaaaaaaaaankeeeeeeeeeee.....sind die nicht toll???? sind sie nicht...!?!?

Oliver said...

Joa, die sind n Knaller!

Unknown said...

Gigantisch, im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes.
Wirkt durch die WW-Perspektive und die HDR-Bearbeitung ein wenig surreal. Was die schon alles erlebt haben müssen und auch noch erleben werden, wenn es uns schon lääängst nicht mehr gibt.
LG Josef

Oliver said...

Glaub mir Josef, diese Baeume wirken auch mit dem blossen Auge surreal :)

B. Moore said...

How about adding a translate feature for your comments? Please!

On another note it amazes me to watch how much of a change your photos have taken. From steel & concrete from man to nature, love it!

Is this taken in the Norther Cali in Sequoia National Forests? Haven't been there since I was a kid.

Oliver said...

Thanks, Brian!
I'm not sure Blogger can do automatic comment translation, but I can try manually:
Snirgel is a total tree lover and thaaankful for me posting this picture. I guess it just made her grey workday a little more colorful.
Josef is a photographer and made a note about surrealism created by the wide angle optics and the use of HDR.
I just thought that thsetrees look pretty surreal by nature, however, when you photograph them you it's hard to show their size without having a person in there.

Yes, it's the Sequoia Forrest!

Oliver said...

Sorry for the bad writing. The iPhone is giving me a hard time writing longer comments. I should have made the move to Wordpress long time ago.

snirgel said...

yes wp would make your blogger life much easier! After the long waiting for tree-photos on this blog, i was so happy about the post that i didn't find english words on my first comment, sorry :D

ps: und du brauchst da mal gar nicht so zynisch zu antworten ^^

Unknown said...

Amazing perspective. Now I really miss the West. Nothing comparable here in NJ. Somewhere in Sequoia is a tree with a tunnel carved in so cars can drive through.

Oliver said...

The drive-through tree..I heard about it too. Funny!

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