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Monday, July 3, 2006

Photo Publication

The Magazine:
Even I'm living in the states, I don't wanna miss this German high quality photography magazine called DigitalPhoto. I really appreciate this mix of hardware reviews, interviews and little tutorials, so I got a subscription of it. One section of this mag is called "Augenblicke" which basically means "moments". At those pages, readers can see a handful of pictures taken by other readers, selected by the DigitalPhoto team. A couple of days ago when flipping through the "Augenblicke" section I had the idea of submitting a picture myself. I thought it would be very nice to contribute something to this magazine and to see an own photograph printed there. Not speaking of the curiosity whether it would be accepted or not.

The Picture:
The tough part was to decide which one to send.
I decided for the one I took from atop the Rockefeller Center. The observation platform was reopened for the public recently, after it was closed for about 20 years. I haven't been there till this point, but was waiting for the right moment to do so. I guess photographers think a bit differently from the way the tourists' minds work. The right moment for me was the moment I noticed these incredibly deep hanging clouds. So it happened that I was the only person on the roof of the Rockefeller Center on this cold Wednesday evening. Anyway, you might know this photograph from the wall in my living room or maybe Gallery II. I'm happy to announce that you can also see it printed in a full page format soon. Either in issue 9/2006 or 10/2006 of DigitalPhoto. I'll keep you updated about which issue it will be :-)


Francesco said...

Hell yeah !
Maybe we will see a photobook with your name on it once ;)
Oliver Fluck - wednesday on a roof top ;)

Cheeerz from sweating switzerland

Oliver said...

Yeah, we are all sweating. It's summer and that's great, isn't it?

You just gave me an idea...

Cagil said...

This picture is so dark, yet colorful... Showing the mess of New York City in such a beautiful way with the clouds swimming above it. It looks like a flashback scene from a movie where everything but the clouds is still.
I'm not surprised or whatsoever that it's going to be published. It is adorable.

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