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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Favourite Photographer

Today I found my name on a website I never visited before, written down by someone I don't know.
And what is "the untalkative bunny"? - Sounds pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

Wow...you are REALLY good at blogging...

Crystal Jade

Anonymous said...

keep going! what about "doog days" photography... i have to go out of here! its toooo hot today!
best regards

Anonymous said...

You guys must be really suffering over there. It's hot here too, but we're cooling down America with air conditioning :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Crystal. I'm just updating the world about what's going on with my hobby.
I hope people don't get the idea I'm in idiot with nothing else in mind, by constraining this blog to a single topic.

Anonymous said...

olo wait for it, the electricity will broke down in america. and then??? i promise you, dog days!!! :)

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