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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thumbnail Sizes on Blogger

Either I'm not getting it, or Blogger actually sucks for photo blogs. If it really sucks, then I suck too, because I haven't noticed it till now.

So here is the question: Is there a way to have larger image thumbnails using Blogger, or do I really have to switch to Wordpress for that? Are there Blogger templates that allow larger thumbnails?

The last two images were almost square, which means that they take advantage of the maximum thumbnails width as well as the maximum height. I like how they are taking a larger area, and I think it makes sense.

So any thoughts about thumbnail sizes in Blogger? Share your knowledge! Share it here! Share it now!


diego said...

Hmm, not sure if I got your issue... The only way I know to set the size of thumbnails is to click on their border and stretch them directly in the posting editor, when you are creating the post. An alternative is to select the option "Edit html" in the posting session and set the size by changing the "height" and "width" properties. Of course you have to do this for every single image you post... I don't know if there is a way to automatically set bigger thumbnails dimensions.
In the specific case of your blog, you could even enlarge the posts wrapper by modifying the css code at the beginning of your template. In this way you would have a larger white section that could contain larger images.

Oliver said...

Posting editor...I just saw it the first time! :)
And I never looked into the code it generates either, I don't know why...That's actually pretty easy. And yes, I would have to edit the template a little. I think I'll do this. I'm looking forward to having some larger thumbnails here.
Thanks for the hints! Thanks a lot.

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