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Saturday, January 31, 2009

HDR Max Contest

Sent an image to an HDR photo contest. Not sure what to think about the concept of photo contests from a photographer's perspective. The company which is organizing it has a clear motivation, though. They want people to try and fall in love with their HDR software. My first impression: the program works nicely.

What I found most interesting about it is the fact that it can load RAW images. You can find more about it follwing this link.
If you are thinking about entering the contest: the deadline is today. I'm last minute...as usual.

Have a nice Saturday!...and maybe Sunday as well!


diego said...

Hey Oliver,
good luck for the contest! BTW, what's your favourite sw for merging hdr and (if not the same, as I guess) for RAW conversion?

Oliver said...

HDR: Photomatix
RAW: Lightroom

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