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Sunday, January 4, 2009

JPG Magazine says Goodbye?

On Thursday I received an email from JPG telling that the magazine is shutting down, because the makers of the mag couldn't make it work financially (here is a link). What a shame! IMHO the whole concept as well as the content of this magazine was beyond what all the other photo magazines had to offer. So the notice came on Thursday telling that they were going to shut down everything on Monday. Obviously, there is a lot of commotion in the JPG community now. The latest news are that the big bang came to the attention of some potential investors. Fans are now also discussing how the mag could be saved and started a page called savejpg.com.
What surprises me is...there were never many commercial ads in the magazine, but it was printed on very expensive paper. At the same time they provided each issue as a free download on their website. This was all great, but now that they are shutting down it shows that it was probably a bit too idealistic for the real world. The point I don't understand is, why would you never make any changes to your product during all that time, if it doesn't bring enough money in? And then shut everything down from one day to the other and tell your "community" that it won't exist anymore starting from Monday? LOL


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