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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Woman and Cat & Fattr Invites

Philadelphia, 2008.

Over the years the number visits to this blog increased to something between 100 and 300 a day. The statistics show that many of those visitors stay for not more than a second. Other really take their time and revisit, which is flattering. I'm more and more thinking about how to make this page more valuable to those who stop by here. Maybe you have things in mind you would like me to write about - I think reviews of photo gear are always interesting. Without further efforts, I do have something to share today. @flattr_e just sent me some Flattr.com invites. You can just grab one and sign up to this cool new system. I already charged my account with a few bucks and showed some love to artists I like.

Here are the Flattr invite codes. First come, first served:



Holger Drallmeyer said...

Hi there, looks I'm late to the game, all codes taken. However if you have a new code let me know. I also registered and maybe someday I get an invite. Thanks

Oliver said...

Sure, I'll let you know!

Howard J said...

Oliver I love visiting your site! I usually get here via Twitter, and although unfortunately I'm often a hit and run viewer I'd love to hear more about the story behind the photos you share. For instance this picture begs for a telling of its story....
BTW - I really enjoyed the Salton Sea series and was enticed to research it more on my own and I thank you for that.

Oliver said...

True, some text gives more context to the images. About this particular one: I don't remember much. It is one of those snaps that happen while walking by while barely stopping. Back then I was living in a somewhat sterile townhouse complex in a plain area called Plainsboro. By 2008 I was already living there for several years, and I had some sort of craving for a somewhat more authentic city life and neighborhood. So much about my motivation for taking such pictures.

snirgel said...

hi. u can use my three codes, i dont need them:


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