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Monday, June 7, 2010

Visiting New York


I took this picture yesterday after stepping out of Penn Station at 7 in the morning. Standing there with all my luggage I just had to take one. Arriving here from California, I had some interesting moments where I realized how large my (geographical) comfort zone has become.
It has been a fun stay already. Had some time with my friends and the chance to meet Annie, the author of "Fluck Tuesdays". Tonight I will leave my comfort zone however, and finally take off to Iceland. I'm eager to rent a car and drive the Ring Road around the island which should bring me to a large variety of landscapes. There is one problem though: I forgot to bring a valid drivers license :-D
Let's see how that goes..


Botheyesinfocus said...

What equipment did you use to take the photo?

Oliver said...

Canon 5D II and Canon 17-24 mm f/4.0 L. I did a little bit of HDR that I blended in with the original image. Not at the street level, but then more and more blended in towards the top/sky.

a.q.s. said...

love it!

it was a pleasure meeting you. have a fun trip. almost done with tomorrow's story. almost. :)


carlos said...

nice graffiti inside the phone cell.
looking forward for your island pics. hoping for an elve.

Oliver said...

An elve? Will keep my eyes open but won't promise.

Anonymous said...


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