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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another Waterfall

I needed a whole week for a new post. This has to do with the double life I'm leading. In my other life I just defended my PhD thesis and that needed some preparation. Now it´s time for another waterfall :-)

While driving through the country I had the impression that the number of waterfalls I came across is about even with the number of cars that passed by, and I´m not even joking saying that. This one here was close enough to the road to be discovered by eye, but I needed some hiking to actually get there. Also getting down to the water was a little adventure by itself. I like those hikes where you get rewarded when you reach the goal, and hanging out there was definitely a reward - if it only would be warmer in Iceland.


Anonymous said...

"if it only would be warmer in Iceland"

Be careful what you wish for!

Carlos Sleepless said...

If it would be warmer, it wouldn`t be ICEland :)

Oliver said...

OK guys, I got it :-)

Karin said...

Congratulations, Oli!
And as for the picture: What a fantastic place! Perfect shutter speed! It makes we wanna pack my backpack and hit the road myself...

Oliver said...

Took this with an ND filter.

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