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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Greetings from Photo Paradise

...where everybody who brings a camera brings home nice pictures.

So I made it to Iceland and also managed to get a car. This is one of the most popular sight to see here: Gullfoss. I took this around midnight. The interesting thing is, you have very good light here at midnight, but also because it's in the middle of the night, there is nobody around. You cannot imagine what it feels like to walk through the landscape with absolutely nobody around and then all of a sudden facing this gigantic waterfall.
The colors might be a bit off, that's always the problem I'm dealing with when finishing a picture on my little laptop. Who cares? I wanted to share this with you.


Anonymous said...

omg. it's awesome, i love it! ♥

Kiwi said...

I love this picture :)
I wish I could be there… now.

Howard J said...

Amazing!! I'm a night owl so Iceland would be perfect for me!

Oliver said...

Yes! Also being severely jet lagged is not a problem :)

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