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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Iceland so far

It has been four days already. When I try to recall each day and the things I did, there is one whole day that simply appears as a dark spot with no memories. After thinking about it for a while I came to the conclusion that I have to stretch all the things I did over this time period without thinking in days. Sometimes I'm more up during the day, sometimes more during the night. I'm very unorganized right now and I enjoy that. Last night I slept in the car on a camping ground parking lot. I don't have a tent and I don't think I really need one as I have the ability to have great and recreating sleep anywhere at any time.
So what did I do? Mostly driving. I circled the whole Island in what I believe to be two, but my calendar counts as three days. The first day I didn't stop much because it was raining so much. Sometimes I hopped out of the car and did tiny hikes for pictures. I had to dry the camera after each of these little adventures. The second day I didn't stop much because the weather was nice. Does that make sense? Yes. I wanted to see as much as possible with nice weather before it gets bad again - which is supposed to happen today..yay!


a.q.s. said...

our mind has an infinite ability to "take" photos or "jot down words" if allow ourselves in the experience of the moment. so, it is probably a great thing that you are approaching your trip the way you are: soaking in the photographs without the camera on a sunny day...

I get it.



Unknown said...

Patience, young apprentice;-)

Oliver said...


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