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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Under Construction

Hey there, I decided to update the template of this page in order to get more features working. My previous template was a bit restrictive and as I try to minimize code wrangling after my workday, I simply decided to shop around for another template that I can use as is. Of course it is not exactly how I want it and will change a few things - for example I really dislike the headline fonts, what do you think? Don't hold back if you have suggestions for design and features.

Remaining things to do:

- Get rid of flash headlines
- Reformat text area
- Fix 'Recent Comments' field
- Start to label old posts
- Set links


snirgel said...

Du stehst wohl einfach nicht auf sidebars, was?

Oliver said...

Manchmal waere es nett eine zu haben, aber generell finde ich Photoblogs besser ohne.

snirgel said...

joa..navigationsmöglichkeiten werden auch überschätzt :).

dann noch eine kleine anmerkung: ich finds besser, wenn man auf comment klickt und dann ne neue seite mit dem ganzen blogpost aufgeht und ich dort direkt auf der seite kommentieren kann, als im popup (vor allem ist das hier so klein ...)

Oliver said...

Komischerweise habe ich da gerade im Moment auch dran gedacht. Jetzt besser?

Konrad said...

Hi Olli,

I'm very happy about your changes!
It is great to have the blog dates back :)
What about gallery and shop? They totally stick out of your style right now...
One last thing, is the jumping of the social buttons neccessary?

Oliver said...

Yes, these pages are a bit neglected and should be updated. I will also add an About-page. These days, whenever I find the time I label old posts. Overall the blog consists of a little more than 600 posts right now. About 450 still need to be labeled :-)
Social buttons. They give visitors the chance to interact a little more with the page, and maybe generate some traffic. I couldn't see anything wrong about them yet.

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