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Monday, May 17, 2010

Old Dodge

I can't help it, I have a thing for old American cars. Not that I'm a car guy - not at all actually. It's more that they look nothing but cinematic to me. That's simply because I know them from cool movies only. When I once talked to friend who grew up in the US, he told me how such cars are reminding him of days when he was too young to drive, and his parents had to bring him to places on Saturday evenings. This is probably associated with a bit of embarrassment in front of the girls you are trying to impress. In my case that would be a Mercedes 190, a Ford Escord, or a Renault 9. Would I photograph those? I don't think so.


Paul said...

Great shot mate! Took something similar yesterday! Was this HDR? If not, what tools did you use to get this cool finish?! Cheers, Paul.


Oliver said...

Yes, it's HDR. After HDR processing I also used Topaz Adjust. I'm testing this right now and think I'll keep it for contrast and detail adjustments.

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