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Monday, May 10, 2010


Today I put my hands on Steffi's Lensbaby 3G. First time I tried it, for sure not the last time. I remember reading about it years ago. Back then it was about $100 and I was hesitating to invest that money. When I visited the manufacture's website today I got a bit shocked about the current prices. Anyway, the optics are really unique. There is more to come.


Jon Cole said...

Ooh yeah, I'm interested in seeing more!

Hablahblah said...

This could use a crop, or perhaps should have been shot a little tighter, the big blank blurred out white space on the right draws the eye in the wrong direction, away from the focal point.

Oliver said...

I agree it's a bit funny. The location of the restaurant between the blank wall and the ugly background were actually the reasons why I took this pictures, though.

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