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Sunday, May 9, 2010


Seen in Hollywood.

Website beautification is almost done. Now all I need is new pictures that I actually like. This is pretty much the only one from yesterday's LA trip that's worth mentioning. In Venice Beach I also took some toy-camera photos with a color film, but I need to wait for the photo store to open, then hand in the film, then get the results, and then I will see if they are worth another mention at all..


annie q. syed said...

love it. the contrast of a cele icon captures as large as the buildings in the darkness of reality. love it.

yaaay toy camera is back.

can't wait till the site is done. i like the banner on top, for sure. excellent crop. (<---that's photographer lingo, right? lol)



Oliver said...

Yeah, I think photographers say things like that :)

antertainer said...

thanks for posting this awesome picture. will it be available in the shop?

Oliver said...

Hey Annett, I can make it available to you in one or the other way: oliver@fluck.de

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