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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I wanted to share this with you since a while: people on twitter that do photography with toy cameras.

Drop me a line if you are missing on the list.

@shoepner just had some interesting Holga accidents: link

@deedeephotog has a colorful selection of plastic camera shots: link

And so does @fallenposters: link

@markolwick takes beautiful black and white images: link

@jaredadunn shows pictures of a blonde lady: link

@JonCart does toy camera street photography: link

You have to click on galleries to find @jimslobodian's toy cam section: link

@dj_ir0ngruve uses a holga lens on a nikon :-) link

If you haven't seen enough yet, here is another one from Venice Beach:


a.q.s. said...

but that doesn't make Fluck Tuesdays.... unless I change it to Snap Shot Tuesdays...which I have been asked to...to...ahem...'showcase different photographers.' showcase? is someone kidding me? I do this for ME! lol lol (*shaking my head*) :)



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