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Friday, October 27, 2006

Tuesday is Halloween!!

I got an email from Jeanne Flemming today. Since I'm receiving a press pass for the Parade (I wrote about it earlier), I got press information, too. Let me use this to put you a bit more into Halloween mood. But first my German readers need to learn some uncommon vocabulary. At least this is what I had to look up. You cannot get into Halloween mood when searching a dictionary, you learn this first! :-)

ember - gluehende kohle
hearth - feuerstelle
rekindle - wiederaufleben
gourds - kuerbisflasche

This year's theme is:
The Village Hearth
In Celtic times, folks celebrated the last night of Autumn by gathering around a communal fire and then carrying home embers from that fire to rekindle each hearth in the village. Villagers carried the glowing embers in hollowed gourds. From this rite of renewal was born the enduring symbol of Halloween, the Jack-O-Lantern.
Today, the Villagers of the Halloween Parade still take their coals from its communal fire, The Parade, to rekindle its spirit in their own hearths throughout the year. Each improbable story, each other-worldly mask, costume, and each spontaneous step of the dance is an ember, a piece of the collective made personal.

The Official Village Halloween Parade Puppeteers--Superior Concept Monsters- have created a Giant Cauldron attended by Jack-o-Lantern Giant Puppets and hundreds of smaller Lanterns to enact this ritual of the communal made personal.

Another picture from last year.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps we'll meet at the parade :-)!!!
I'll be some devilish person...


Oliver said...

Haven't you always been a devilish person? :-P
See you on Tuesday!!

ran said...

I found you from Village Hallowee Parade's website. There're so many pictures but your photo is No.1!! I really adore your photos.(especially, male headshots & Animals are awesome!)
Probably, I'll come to this Parade today. have fun :-)

Oliver said...

I guess I'll post new pictures there soon. Many more and much better :)
It's not easy to comment your blog, ran. I tried, but didn't succeed.

ran said...

I'm really looking forward to see your new pictures!! How do I say...all your pictures has a story.
Anyway, I should make a English version Blog...haha...

SteveR said...

Oliver, I'm going backwards in your blog and I keep being so impressed by your photos. This one is superb - almost 3-dimensional. Wonderful composition and colors as the ones before.

Oliver said...

85mm f/1.8...always a pleasure to shoot with!

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