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Monday, October 23, 2006


I'm very happy about having my last name as a domain. But even I'm proud owner of fluck.de, I kept an eye on fluck.com which was (if I got it right) something like a stud farm in the Netherlands. So on very rare occasions I checked this site out to see if it's still around. Guess what, I was very lucky that I went on this site right after it was expired. The previous owner didn't renew his contract and snapnames.com was ready to start an auction in case more than one person would be interested in getting it. Naive as I am, I was silently hoping that nobody noticed that fluck.com became available so I could get it for just 60 bucks from SnapNames *sneaky sneaky*. An auction lasts three days and right after it started I saw a list of 35 people participating the auction. The price went up to $410 after the first hour. The whole thing turned out to be a battle between two parties and none of them was me. The fact that the auction time gets extended for another five minutes whenever a new bit comes in, made it quite entertaining to watch. I don't know yet what you will see when visiting fluck.com in the future, but I can tell you already that the owner paid a thousand dollars for it.


Anonymous said...

Who would have thought that one's own name would become so valueable as a domain name. Rosenbach.com became available briefly about a year ago, and my brother wanted us to buy it, but it was over 1,000 dollars, and I just didn't see the point.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, out of frustration I bought fluck.at afterwards. Very pointless, but cheap.

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