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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What a Night

More or less in the last minute I realized that a model invited me to come over for a Donna Loren fashion show in New York City last night. I jumped in my car and managed to be early - I even had enough time for dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant :-)
The show took place in the Cain in Chelsea, which is a stylish Africa themed club. At the location I got to know the designers, hairstylists and makeup artists who contributed to this show. Very nice people who all mentioned their interest in doing some more things together in the future. I guess I wouldn't deny that.
I had a pretty exact idea of how to shoot this, but as usual in practice things look different. For what I had in mind the available light during the show was not enough and people constantly ran into my field of view. However, it was pleasure to be there and it might be your pleasure to browse through the latest Donna Loren lingerie. So here is a link.


Anonymous said...

hi olo,

what a life! u have it beautiful in amerika, with nice girls :)
I find your Animal-Series very QL. Don't stop...

post scriptum: ähmmm, make your next move ;)

Anonymous said...

hi there. :) was wondering if you have any shots of me from the runway show at cain? if so, would you mind e-mailing me some to tianamodel@hotmail.com ?
i would really appreciate it. thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'll check and let you know. Not many pictures turned out fine, though.

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