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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Stu Stu Studio

This is regarding the studio shoot I talked about earlier.
I think I spent the first hour doing nothing than experimenting with the lights and kept improving the lighting almost till the end of the shooting. As a total newbie I was apparently challenged - don't expect anything close to perfection. It's so different from street photography which I always compare to hunting. You walk a lot around, you explore, and you also need to be lucky. In the studio everything is set up and there is no parameter the photographer can not adjust. Very powerful, very commercial, very not so exciting.


Anonymous said...

Studio works must be challenging (not only) because of the pressure on the photographer.
The expectations are different if you go out hunting compared to a given scenery and given expectations of the "customer".
Have there been other photographers as well or did you do the job on your own ?

Anonymous said...

You are right. That's why I keep it on a fun-level. I only accept lingerie gift packages as payment :-)
We were just three people.

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