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Monday, October 2, 2006

Animal Portraiture

The new series is the result of some Photoshop experiments. Of course I photograph every animal whenever I have a good chance to approach one. These ones are taken in the Bronx Zoo and Brooklyn Zoo. Except the mean looking gull which I crossed way with in Santa Barbara. Credits for this Photoshop technique and textures go to Anita Schneider. You can get her tutorial by ordering this issue of DigitalPhoto. I actually don't think I used her method very gracefully, but I liked to put the animals into the limelight this way.


Francesco said...

Nice pictures,
the texture stuff looks cool.. really some kinda art ;)
It is amazing what a eighteen year old can do after only 12 years of experience ;)
keep on experimenting things - it is always a pleasure to watch your pictures.


Oliver said...

I apparently like the textures, too. So I was searching the web to find a good way to create something like that. The most promising way I found was taking a sheet of paper and making it dirty with soil and stuff. And then simply scan the dirty paper. Can anyone lend me his scanner by any chance?

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