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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Moonrise & Sunset

Something tells me that I left work yesterday at the right time. This is what the New Jersey sky looked like at 7:30 pm.


Anonymous said...

Be habby,because you can`t imagine how our sky looked like at 7.30 pm :-(

Anonymous said...

Hey erd,

Now that it's time here we go:
Ich gratelier Dir aach!

Anonymous said...

Zum geburtstag viel glück :)
Wish you a very happy new year:)
Greetings from Turkey


Anonymous said...

Tesekkür ederim!

Anonymous said...

Also a happy birthday from the latorre family.
Sorry for beeing late, we just arrived from germany.
Hope you had a great day.


Anonymous said...

What sorry? :)
Thanks a lot, my day was good.

Now I'm 18 with 12 years experience...

Anonymous said...

damn, first I couldn't wait to congratulate and then this...
also alles gute alter mann!

ya sweatest,

markus becker :)

Anonymous said...

I don't accept congratulations anymore. You just missed the deadline :-))

Anonymous said...

Who knew New Jersey could look so good! (just kidding, it's an underrated state).

Beautiful photo!

Anonymous said...

The garden state...what else would you expect? :-))

Anonymous said...

Chews, the curve in the land accented by the sunset, gorgeous! The moon did not appear to me, at first...pleasant surprise. Thank-you for sharing your talent. Beautiful shot.

Oliver said...

This is such an old post. How would someone dig this out? Thank you :-)

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