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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Just Got a New Camera - for $14.95

I flipped through this British photo mag the other day when this toy came to my attention the first time. Now I'm proud owner of a Holga 120N - my very first not-digital camera. It's all plastic (even the lens) and very cheap. Those cameras are built with many mistakes and almost no functionality, causing effects you usually try not to have in your pictures. However, the results are very unique looking. I bought it with some professional black & white film and I'm looking forward experimenting a bit with it.

- Check out Dave Nile's website to see some very nice Holga shots. He uses this camera since a long long time.
- Toycamera.com is another great place to get inspired.


Anonymous said...

hi ├Âli,

thats very freaky with the holga. i have one of this exemplares "HOLGA 120S", i bought it on the last "Flohmarkt" for 9€ (cause i read that the camera is cult). i did't use it yet, but the time will come. And you are right, its the cheapest plastic, hehe. It looks like it would not working. So you get one too, i am sure YOU will have some fun with it.
greetz from limburg, germany

Anonymous said...

Come on! Take some pictures with it! What else could you ask for? :)
I'll do some modifications on my Holga, since I had to throw away the first roll of film. The back of the camera fell off...haha

Anonymous said...

For me is very important to save my money for my DSLR. Only 5-6 weeks, YEAH. With the Holga I made some photos, but it did not work rightly, and the backside of my holga is scrap plastic!? muahaha!!! If this "outer space" camera works one day corrctly, i'll try it with black/white film. good n8

ps. Think about your opening move!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the analog world :). Congratulation.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I didn't do all necessary modifications on that camera in order to be able to use it well. It's also not easy to find a place to develop 120 film - not even in New York City. It seems like it costs as much as the camera to get a single film developed.

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