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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Miniature Rooms

Yesterday, in the Art Institute of Chicago I found these little miniature rooms. These are basically very little and highly detailed models of rooms. Mostly English drawing, dining and bed rooms from different time periods. So what I did was using my wide angle lens on 12mm pressing it against the window (to avoid reflections of the light behind me) and make these rooms look huge. Besides many little details, the artificial sunlight shining through the little windows make it look even more real. I'm very curious how those pics turn out. There is a book available showing all the rooms photographed. On the pictures you can see the models very well, but they didn't excite me much, since they are all taken with a standard focal length and the light appears too balanced. It would be nice to create the illusion that the photographer was actually standing in the room on a sunny day. I hope my ISO 100 pictures turn out sharp. If not I have a backup in ISO 3200.


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