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Sunday, October 15, 2006

What a Morning

Recently I was wondering what my answer would be if a designer would ask me: "Where and when can you take pictures for me?" My hypothetical answer was pretty clear to me: "Meet me at the Brooklyn Bridge at 7am right after sunrise." What I didn't expect was, that this would actually happen. I also didn't expect that people would be excited to do that. Neither did I expect that this would turn out to be so much fun. And the thing I would have expected the least are police officers who would hang out with us having a good time.
Things I expected were very good morning light, a freezing model, whistling workers, curious pedestrians, and cell phone cameras everywhere. That's pretty much what happened. I think I will bring music next time and we will have a little party :-) Thank you guys, this was a great morning! Or to say it in our models words: Fuckin A!


Francesco said...

Some more of these events and you turn out being aa well known photographer doing a phd just for fun ;)
Geil !


Oliver said...

This or the other way round. That's both fine with me :)

Shapemodulator said...

damn geil!!!

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