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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Halloween Press Passes

New York is a crazy place and so are the New Yorkers. What happens when these people walk in a Halloween parade, you can see every year in October. The NYC Halloween Parade is a lot of fun with two million spectators and thousands of participants. Last year I squeezed myself into the crowd to take pictures from the side line. I gave the results to the organizers as a contribution to their official website and taataaa! yesterday they assured me a press pass for this year. This will allow me to be inside the parade and move freely, which should improve the quality of my work significantly. Here are two of my last year's pictures. The NYC Halloween Parade is listed in the book "100 Things to Do Before You Die". Don't miss it!


Anonymous said...

congratulation, oliver. sometimes u will be a great and famous photographer ;), i know it. could that be the genes from your dad?

Anonymous said...

Thank you...let's see :-)
Yeah, I don't dare to be in the center of the action with a camera. That might indeed be my dad's influence - I saw him jumping around and taking photographs since I can remember.

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