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Monday, June 12, 2006

Bearding the Lion in His Den

What El Arenal is for the Germans is Palmanova for the English. The funny thing is that these places are on the same little island (Mallorca), but if you go and check both out, you might notice that it feels like visiting two different countries, due to the straightly separated "populations". So here I am. Palmanova, Saturday June 10th, 3pm, England vs. Paraguay on a large screen and a hungry British mob in front of it. It was a good event for some freaky head shots, but at the same time the ugliest (not "the most ugly") mission of my young Photography "career". My camera drank some beer and I lost some blood*. However, we both survived.

*Finding first aid can be challenging sometimes :-)


slamsam, you know??! said...

_so, here I am again...same procedure as almost any day...on my walk thru the wild wild net... ->soundz quite eventful, so far, your europa-trip...hope you're still satisfied and lovin'it! still all the best from me, dude! >>but one lil' correction-proposal concerning a lil' fauxpas in ya post: 'most ugly' must be>>'ugliest' (if I'm not on the wrong track the rule is - pretty simplified: - words with less than three syllables are "gesteigert" with the little appendage / ending "-est" ... the rest except a few ones work as you did it! like 'the more exaggerated' + 'the most exaggerated' ... * BUT LET'S FORGET DAT CRAP AND GET TO SOMETHIN RATHER INTRIGUING! C'MON LET THE WORLD KNOW WHAT THEM DRUNK BRITISH DID TO YOU! ->did they punch you? or did you steel their girls, ol'dirty fluckah;-)??...

Oliver said...

I seee....that's a good rule! Speaking of exaggeration: I don't steel girls. I have my own one :-)
Okay, let me tell. First of all, I experienced the people there as very nice and funny. It was a great atmosphere. As usual, particular individual's sense of humor don't match with your own. What happened was that I was standing on some kind of rock taking pictures of the crowd. Some guy thought it would be funny to push me from behind into a slippery mix of water and beer, where I crashed my elbow a bit (the wound i still a bit open). I turned around and asked that guy to come and talk to me. I had the desire to tell him my opinion about the things he finds funny, but I think he sensed what I was going to tell him and disappeard.

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