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Friday, June 2, 2006

A Saturday Night in London

Have you ever walked around in Central London on a Saturday night? If not, please do so and let me know what your impression was. I was pretty convinced that the whole city is drunk and Big Ben and I are the only sober guys around. Don't get me wrong, I was highly entertained by that. However, I walked around there and my mission was to catch some beauty with my little camera. Yes, it feels like it sounds, it's just like hunting. Different from all the other people around me, I didn't numb my visual perception, which apparently lowers the chance of being satisfied with your catch. But I scored. I stared at Big Ben for about ten minutes, and I think I stared so hard, that I caused the lights to turn off just by looking at it. The fact that I just did that, made me stare like a meerkat for a while without moving. It took me another ten minutes and then I was fine with the idea of having supernatural powers. I had a big question mark hovering over my head, wondering if the other tourists next to me realized that I did that and started to feel a bit uncomfortable in the role of the spoiler. You can imagine what that looks like: My head is still staring up, while my eyes are rolling carefully from one side to the other observing disappointed tourists.
Okay, let's come to the point. Here is the beauty I was talking about. I felt very attracted by the wasted look of these lanterns in front of the cloudy London sky. Of course there were plenty of wasted looking people around I could put in front of the sky instead, but the lanterns seem much more mystic to me. What happened to them? Do the people shoot at them? Or are there other supernatural beings around who are more into damaging small lanterns than turning off big lights? If yes, thank you guys, it looks just great!


Anonymous said...

Oliver, is see, this are nice lanterns, but you promise us pictures from people :).

Anonymous said...

Yes, the next series. I did some portraiture work last Sunday at the "Kalkwerk Festival". Just be patient :-)

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