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Sunday, June 4, 2006

Still Waters Run Deep

I was advised not to ask too many questions to my readers. So this one is without :-)
I'm finally visiting my hometown Limburg in Germany. Limburg is a cute town on the Lahn river almost exactly between Cologne and Frankfurt. Here I had the chance to hang out at a little freestyle session of "Stille Wasser" last night. You cannot miss these guys, if you are living in that area and you like Rap music. The MCs are very energetic and the DJs have a good hand for beats. At least I liked the choice very much. Here are my favorite photographs of that night.


Anonymous said...

thanxxalot4 luv'n'support! we really appreciate your positive feedback, man! we all hope to see ya soon... probably@a skate-session or such...jus like way back in the 'biiig-pants-small-wheels-dayz'... when our motto was 'brothas from different mothas'. >maybe you've heard the recent developments concerning our sk8park... yeah, finally we're gettin' it dunn! thanxx2 da young guns, our follow-up-hardcore-limburg-city-representers...
>>but concerning our RAP-thang and last weekend..: one should mos def point out that oliver met us@the kalkwerkfestival - the biggest party of the year in our area... - which means that all of us except 'El-Phillipino' (shown on the upper pic) who actually was fastening, were drunk as hell. and by the way our crew consists of six peepz - more precise: five MCees+1 DJay! and what OLI saw was rather a spontanious freestyle-cypher... with friends of other crews and without our own DJ. but if you really wanna dig the potential of "stille wasser" you should come and see us on stage - just 4 being able to checkout our full potential! or get hold of a cdee or reord, available in late autumn / winter 2006! - ceeYA and stay rad! have a good time@EUROPA and send me all the pix you shot@hometown... I'll write you an Em@il in a couple'a dayz..! pe(((((((((((((A)))))))))))))ce! _dariOne|a.k.a.EYEOFDASTORM

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if I will ever see DJ Mort live. I'm also wondering what the maximum allowed comment lengh on blogger.com is :-)
Looking forward seeing you next year again!

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