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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Yellow Flower

Death Valley.

Landscape photography. I must admit I'm a bit clueless about how to do this. If you ask me, appealing city images are much easier to take. You stabilize your camera and due to long time exposure the city lights look more intense than in real life. This often gives the image a little WOW-effect. Now out in the desert it's the other way around. I have the WOW when I'm out there enjoying the scenery, however, the pictures I take never look as impressive as what my eye sees. I'm bringing home tons of dull images these days. This one is one of the rare ones I liked. Thanks to the yellow flower.


Tim said...

Take more, analyse what aspects you like, and then go out to shoot those things wherever you find them.

Hint 1: you've got a classic "thirds" composition there.
Hint 2: you've got distance: oddly blurred foreground, sharp flowers, mostly sharp stuff at "infinity"
Hint 3: you've got colour contrast, yellow on blue.

HTH :)

Steph! said...

Nice ! I'll be right back on your weblog !

Oliver said...

Tim, I usually like aspects that make the eye wander and explore. This works best when the composition causes some sort of asymmetry and depth. However, when I'm in the desert I'm impressed by the wideness, so that's what I would like to show - and what turns out dull as it misses those aspects. It also bores me a little to simply apply my cityscape composition patterns to the desert (like I just did with the flower). Maybe I'll go minimalistic. Minimalistic images with minimalistic gear, use a toy camera, or pinhole camera..something that brings it to the point.

Nishant Singh said...

I think it is the composition that matters the most with landscape pictures. I have faced the same conundrum and my most recent trips to beaches and hill stations have been full of people and animals and ojects and not one picture of the beach or that amazing view from the hill station for the camera never seems to capture an image which my eyes see... thought I could pen it down to me being an amateur photographer!

Oliver said...

OK, so I'm not the only one then.

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