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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Had a beautiful Saturday with lots of surfing, thanks to Steffi, Daniel, Dan, Franz, and Jill. I'm not sure if one can call that stuff surfing at all, though. It feels a bit like the ocean doesn't like me much and prefers to constantly spit me out. The thing I was doing reminded me a lot of Rodeo.

It's four in the morning now. Working at night is what I really enjoy. Nighttime is the time when my productivity, creativity and inspiration (if any) is on its very peak. At least that's how it feels to me. During sunny weekend days however, I sometimes feel like a shadow of myself.

Location: Mission Beach, San Diego.
Gear: Cheap plastic and a black and white film.


trondh said...

Nice image! Really like that we see only shadows and reflections in the photo, very well shot! And the amount of grain suites the image well.

Oliver said...

Thank you. I just brought two more rolls to the camera store for development. Curious to find out if I was just lucky with the first roll.

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