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Sunday, April 4, 2010

This and that, here and there

References to my photography have been popping up in different forms at different locations.

One location might be your local bookstore. The picture "Post no Bills" that I took last winter in New York is now on the cover of a book called Loving Mailer. A memoir by ex-supermodel Carole Mallory about her (very sexual) relationship with Pulitzer Prize winning author Norman Mailer. To be honest, I never heard about these people before. Maybe I'm too young and too foreign. So this is for sure not a book I would usually dig out in a bookstore, but now I'm curious - will read it as soon as I get my copy.

As a new resident, I kind of got introduced to the San Diego community on a website named Stand For Less.

Last but not least, a reference to my street photography on a German website named Farbwolke.

What else I could show off with? An art dealer sent me a contract for a collaboration. Sounded cool, but the fine-print didn't. Obviously, it's not a good idea to talk bad in public about companies that initially try to work with you. I won't speak out names, but I want to warn you my fellow photographers to make sure you read contracts thoroughly. If someone offers you a share of 6% of the money they make with your work, that's simply not acceptable. If the same contract states that you should also pay a fine of $5000 in case you offer any of your work to any of their competitors for the next four years, that's not a good thing either. From my experience a 40/60 to 50/50 share is very common. 6/94 is not. A company should also only get exclusive rights for the work you offer them, and not simply for everything that you create.

Have a nice Sunday!


Unknown said...

Interesting story, now you might write a book about it.

Oliver said...

A book about selling? That would be very thin if I would write it.

Unknown said...

How about a book about photography? I still can't find a good read about HDR processing

Oliver said...

You think I would be able to output a good read? Or are you suggesting a collaboration? - that might work. I just finished a dissertation. And because I JUST finished it, I don't have a strong desire to start a new project of such dimensions right now :)

However, I got curious about movie screenwriting recently, but that's another story.

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