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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Drag Me To Hell

The toy camera is taking over my photo activities.

Some parts of the image might appear completely black on darker screens. My #1 toy-camera rule is not to correct or alter the output, so here we go.


Eric S. said...

Yay for Holgas! Do you develop your own film?

Oliver said...

No, I just started with that. I bring my films to Nelson Photo: http://www.nelsonphotosupplies.com/

Mia said...

Nice and sharp =)

pahles said...

Great shot!

Carlos said...

Nice shot. Beautiful car. The backlights are similar to the german B-Manta :) - what car is it?

Oliver said...

The good old Manta :)
It's a Corvette I think.

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