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Monday, December 21, 2009

Cross Country - Day 4

Before leaving St. Louis I tried to get a better view of the Gateway Arch and went across the Mississippi to East St. Louis. Turns out that this place is something between slums and ghost town. It was very intense for me driving around there. As much as I would like to photograph such a place, as much I am alert about the fact that it might be dangerous to do so. Maybe it is not. It's basically very hard for me to estimate whether or not I'm really in a dangerous place.

Cutting through Missouri on the other hand was very nice. Nice landscape, sunset in front of me, good music...the stereotypical road trip setting.

Now I'm enjoying Oklahoman hospitality crashing on a friends couch.


MeMyselfAndI said...

You're getting close to Roswell, NM. An interesting city to visit. If you do, forget the museum, go for the alien wine right next to it and ask the guy about a strange couple that passed there this June ;)

Oliver said...

Is that an insider?

MeMyselfAndI said...

Pecos Flavors Winery. Dale is the guy to talk to. Free wine tasting of some of the best NM wines (well worth it) and good company of a friendly Dale. He's well known there. Also try the alien beer (http://www.fototalk.com/photos/originals/AAAAAAABXms=.jpg)... I wish was there again! Enjoy :)

Liz Nones said...

Yes New Mexico is gorgeous. If you have time, try to drive through the Gila Wilderness area close to Las Cruces. That was one of my favorite areas on my round-the-country road trip!

Oliver said...

You are great, keep them coming!

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