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Friday, December 18, 2009

Cross Country - Day 1

So far so good. I made it to Indiana, which means I reached the goal of the day and made it out of my familiar area. At the very beginning of the drive I was a little annoyed about the whole trip. Simply because of all that driving. But after leaving New Jersey, when I got a bit further into Pennsylvania, I saw the landscape changing and the sun setting. At that point the annoyance turned very quickly into excitement. At that point I started to realize what I am doing here...that I'm not gonna turn around and go back. That I'm on my own and that everything that was before is already over.
OK, before I get more sentimental, here the plan for day 2: I'll slow down. Not use the interstate much and have a look at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. Maybe stay in that area till sunset.


diego said...

Hey good luck for your adventure!
I find the idea of the cross country road trip just superb! Looking forward to see the pictures about places you will stop by!

B. Moore said...

I hope you can get some amazing photos of the Arch & the city! Hopefully you make it to the STL before the weather does. Rain & snow are on the way.

If you are looking for a scenic route once you get to Missouri, check out Highway 94. It takes you through some of the wine country in Missouri and follows the Missouri River. You can take 94 from St. Charles to our capital Jefferson City.

I hope you enjoy the Show Me state.

Oliver said...

Nice! I'll have a look.

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