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Thursday, September 6, 2007


Most of my recent posts were the results of some browsing through my hard drive and pick out something that looks worthy a post. This made this blog look random and I guess that's what it is right now, a stream of incoherent fractions. I'm basically just using this for this one single extroverted move after sitting in a narrow cubicle all day. I don't know, it just makes me feel better to send out signs of life and I'm always happy to get back the sign of another life out there.
Here is another one. Totally random and out of nothing:
During my last trip to Germany last winter, I made a train ride from my hometown to the city I used to study. This was exactly the same trip I used to do on a daily basis during my first year in College.
So back in the days I commuted back and forth every day, spending about two hours in a train that slowly made its way through the countryside. And when I say countryside, I'm really talking about small villages scattered between large fields. I used those train rides efficiently for sleeping and studying, but I really didn't like looking out of the window at this solitude. However, to make this story short: last winter, I was on this train again and I must admit that I got quite excited about all the things I saw. It seems like once you start to develop some kind of a photographic eye, things can look really different to you.
I left the train somewhere in the middle of nowhere and decided to go for a hike. I spent most of the day walking, taking pictures and totally enjoyed it. Just a little story about how photography is changing my perception of things around me.


Shapemodulator said...

oli die sind sehr schön!!! "ageless"

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