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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Day 5

San Francisco days are long. If I don't get up at totally insane times for sunrise shooting, I usually wake up by the noise of roommates or the cleaning lady. I'm an expert now. I found out that the sound of nail clipping works best for waking me up. After breakfast I do mostly nothing but walking. When the sun starts to go down I start photographing, mostly with tripod and exposure bracketing for HDR processing. Yesterday I switched a lot between different ISO settings in order to blend in moving objects (i.e. a cable car) into the images. Similar as I did with the bicyclist in the Frankfurt picture, which is still one of my favorite.
However, looking at the different exposures doesn't really tell me if I'll be happy with the final DRI. Yesterday night I was too tired to process the data, instead I watched Escape form Alcatraz to make the whole Alcatraz experience complete. Watching this movie I gradually got more and more into the mood for old SF movies. As next, I might watch Hitchcock's Vertigo, which happens to rank 35 among the best movies of all times according to IMDB.


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