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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Days 6 & 7

Cagil asked for pictures of painted ladies so I went to the Alamo Square which has a famous postcard view, I will show that later.
What I actually wanted to say is, later on I walked from Alamo Square to the Hippie district, had some delicious grilled chicken at Burger Joint and walked up Haight Street. I passed a funny place that looked kinda empty and colorful. A girl was standing out front and smiling at me so I asked her what this is all about. She told me this is a healing place where people come for Yoga and Meditation. She told me that they also have a Sauna and a Jacuzzi in their garden and offered me to join her. Well, I love Sauna and Whirlpools and all those things that make you relax, so I had a closer look. Some people were around, busy with painting walls and creating business cards, they obviously just started this place. However, everybody seemed sane, so I decided to join in for some Sauna :-) It was really great.
I got to talk to the maker of a new Ambient radio station called Sleepbot. Didn't have time to listen to it yet, but it might be similar to Groove Salad - which is nice.
The garden was fantastic. For a while I was all by myself in the water just looking at the stars when I heard some rustling in the bushes. Guess what it was...a Raccoon family. They came very close and stared at me sitting in the water. I did the same. No moving, just starring. I'm good in that :) After a while they slowly but surely made their way back into the bushes...very cute.
So if anybody is interested in this place, here is some more information.

A picture from yesterday.


Stefan Profitlich said...

Looks like Pacman in the Park...

Oliver said...

Typical scene in San Francisco after sunset.

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