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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Building 64

Taken on Alcatraz Island.


Anonymous said...

Very Scarry,
imagine,you get up and you have pass through this hall every day.
It looks very chilly, cold and poor.
Not may things you can be happy about, only memoreis are keeping you up and alive.
I believe people got grey hair very easily under those conditions.
The only thing you want to do in such a place is to die or escape.
Well done to those who escaped.
You saved your own live.


Oliver said...

Oh yeah.
But I should maybe add that this is not the cell house. Prisoners didn't get to see this one, which was I guess more of a supply building.
The cell house was cold too, but much more sterile and clean.

Anonymous said...

Show me,
I am really interested int that.
Did you get a chance to take a picture of the cell?

Oliver said...

Yes, I'll post something soon...

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