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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Magazine Publication

My little comic strip will be printed in the Peer Pressure section of

"Advanced Photoshop - The magazine for Adobe Photoshop professionals",

a mag that fell into my hands a couple of weeks ago.
I will also write some text about how I created it.
This was the second time I sent something to a magazine and I think it's really rewarding to see things printed.

A 12"x12" print of it is exhibited right now till June 24th at the Princeton Photography Club Exhibit at the 1860 House, Montgomery Center for the Arts, Skillman, NJ.


snirgel said...

For a while i tried to ttransform a normal picture to a comic-picture and i must say, i collapsed. so i'm realy happy that u know how it works, because i'm a big fan of comic-style and particularly of the colors, but: u didn't tell it your constant reader of your little blog.
i know u are really busy, but i would be very glad, if you could make a little tutorial and i think, i'm not the only one. consider about my request, please.

Oliver said...

You collapsed? I hope you're feeling better now :)
Yeah, a tutorial would be neat. I'll do that.

snirgel said...

:)...oh...i thought collapse is the english word for "scheitern". u know...the old problem: my englisch....

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