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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hungry Planet

This is an interesting photo series by Peter Menzel about how the world eats. It basically shows 16 families of 15 different countries and their monthly ration of food.

Here is the story.
And here are the pictures.


Lara Salonen said...

This was very interesting. What a unique perspective of the world. And what a difference from country to country. I understand why a lot of people refer to Americans as McMericans... I am almost ashamed of how greedy we are.

snirgel said...

During i'm reading the food story, i remembered about a little discussion, that we has had(?-->scheiss zeiten) about your blogstyle. today i want to remind you on some propositions that I made:
- Please create a hyperlink – list on the right with all the interest articles and photo-stories that you recommend.
- Create a tag-list, that describes your own entries and linkes to them. So we get a better overview and we must not spend a long time to search some stuff we are interested

Finally a new offer by myself:
On your entry “local legends” you give a small overview about date, location and used equipment. Maybe you can do this more often (for example on entries, that only includes a photo…)

I know, today I desire a lot, but I hope u will get some time, to think about my requests and proposals…..

My best regards from “mainhattan” to manhattan ;)….

Oliver said...

Wow...thanks for your thoughtful comment. I remember this conversation, but I think I keep it as it is for now: A stream of stuff that commes through my lens and my mind without much categorizing.
I'll put the picture information, though. That sounds good.
How do you like Frankfurt so far?

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