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Sunday, June 24, 2007

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I went to "Art all night" today. A none profit event in Trenton where everyone who likes can contribute one piece of art. It's a tiny little festival with live music and stuff for kids. I didn't have time to get anything printed, so I simply took a piece out of my living room and brought it over.
Also today, after a long abstinence, I went mobile again. I purchased a nice 14" laptop I can basically take anywhere to work on images or more serious things like my research. It will definitely increase my output. I also didn't use MS Windows at home since years. Now I have this fancy Windows Vista which seems to suck RAM like crazy (1GB is barely enough). Anybody has experience with Ubuntu? This looks like a reasonable operating system.
Something else that just came to my mind: Tomorrow is Gay Pride Parade (Christopher Street Day) in New York. That must be very colorful. Maybe I'll go and photograph that.


shape said...

go ang shoot some! do it, do it!

shape said...

I try Ubuntu on my laptot, but it didn't work 'cause of the graphic chip (ATI mobility Radeon X700 128MB). I am a little disapointet, cause I thought it works on any system. Anyway, when I get the next chance to try linux on my laptop, I'll try it again.
I read about Graphic & Sound solutions for ubuntu, and its time to say "adieu" to windows. the time with you was nice, but its over now!

Oliver said...

I can see the driver for the X700 on the ATI website, though.

shape said...

its not a driver problem. its a black screen problem. I cant change the garphic settings of ubuntu or install a new driver because there is nothing I can see. and I tested a lot of linux packages. I can rember that Carlso installed ubuntu on Askas laptop as the second OS without any problems.
maybe I am damned and I must use Microsoft software till I die! a horrible imagination

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