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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Little Lens Comparison

It turned out that this comparison was not correct. I deleted the post.


Anonymous said...

hi olo,

this is a good comparison.
I thought its my fault that the pictures who was shot with the tokina lens are out of focus! Now i know it better.
the diference is big i think. the colours of the canon lens are better and of course the sharpness. and you are right, the qulity of the canon lens body is very cheap.



Anonymous said...

I didn't know you tried them.
In the meantime I've found other reviews on the web where both lenses turned out almost even. Those comparisons are much more thourough and I believe now that something went wrong when I took the Tokina picture. For example someone might have walked by and made the tripod go up and down a bit. I think I'll delete my post and give the links to those reviews instead.

Anonymous said...

You know I have never heard of the "Tokina" lens before. But this is a very interesting comparison. Yes canon won overall... but for people who are penny-pincher's and don't have a lot to spend.. but still want good quality. The Tokina seems to be able to do the job just fine! Thanks for the new info on the Tokina.

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